Bathroom Cleaner Cum Sanitizer
A clear low-foaming rinse aid with excellent wetting and drainage that leaves surfaces spot free and sparkling.
SUMO-RINSE can be used with the dosing pump, manual dosing is also possible
Manual Dosing: Dilute 1ml to 2ml in 1 litre of water and add to the water tank.
Automatic Dosing: Follow machine manufactures instructions or use dosing pump.
After every major wash cycle change the wash tank water.
SUMO-RINSE should be used on aluminum surfaces.
    Sumo -Rinse
General protection measures.
Keep away from beverages and food. Wash hands before and at the end of the work.
Avoid eye contact with eyes and protect skin
BREATHING EQUIPMENT: Not normally required.
PROTECTION OF HANDS: Gloves made of nitrile or butyl should be worn. EYE PROTECTION: To protect eyes safety glasses should be worn.
INHALING: In case of unconsciousness bring patient into stable side position for transport.
SKIN CONTACT: In case of contact with skin, wash immediately with water and seek medical advice.
EYE CONTACT: In case of contact with eyes, wash immediately with water and seek medical advice.
INGESTION: Try to induce vomiting. Drink one or two glasses of milk and seek medical advice immediately.
STORAGE INFORMATION: Keep it in a cool and dry place.
EMERGENCY INFORMATION: Detailed material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS Sheet) provided on request.