Floor Cleaner Concentrate
MARBINOL – PLUS is a concentrated liquid detergent and can be used for removing soil from the floor.
MARBINOL-PLUS can be used to clean floors in factories, garages, workshops, restaurants, hotels, offices, etc. Marbinol-Plus is effective in removing oil, grease and dirt from the surface.
Normal soiling : Use 20ml in 1 litre of water
Heavy soiling : Use 40ml – 50ml in 1 litre of water. Can be used directly to remove oil and stains. Marbinol-Plus can be used to mop floor on regular basis. Useful when used with scrubbing machine / automatic scrubber- driers.
Marbinol Plus is slightly alkaline. For sensitive skin protect skin, gloves should be used. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
Marbinol Plus