Alpha-CS Carpet Shampoo
Alpha – CS , carpet shampoo is a high foaming condensed lather cleaning action fro effective soil penetration.
Alpha-CS , has an excellent detergency and anti-static properties. Alpha-CS loosens and lifts out embedded dirt, oil grease and stains. Leaves no gummy residue and makes the carpet soft. Alpha-CS can be used in foam generator machines. Safe on fibers.
Dilution ratio : Regular use 250ml in 10 litres of water (2.5%)
Heavy Soiling : 900ml in 10 litres of water (9%)
Use with carpet shampooer/ foam generator machine and then vaccum to remove dust
For sensitive skin, use gloves. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Do not mix with other chemicals and solvents. The company does not take responsibility for such acts of omissions.
Pack size : 5 litres
For external use only
Nature : NEUTRAL
Alpha – CS ( CS02 )