Bathroom Cleaner Cum Sanitizer
bcs is a ready formulation for cleaning and sanitizing surfaces in the bathroom sink floor and tiles.
BCS has a pleasant fragrance and is free from blaches. BCS can be used on indian marble and granite. BCS can be used to clean toilets
Dilution ratio :20-30 ml in one litre of water. Use BCS in a spray bottle or dilute BCS in a bucket of water and apply on the surface. Scrface and then rinse water to get a clean fresh bathroom. for everyday use BCS can be used in diluted form in, using spray and wipe method.
Do not inhale liquid.

use gloves for sensitive skin

In case of contact with eyes rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice
Pack Size : 5 Litres
For external use only
Nature : Acidic
BCS A - 1